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  1. These are the standard terms and conditions (the "Terms and Conditions") of the Paragon Roadshow.  These terms of business do not contain the entire agreement between us but compromise the principal terms under which we conduct our business. If we agree further terms, we will agree these in writing.

  2. The Paragon Roadshow will only be deemed to have entered into a contract upon payment of an agreed deposit in exchange for reservation of a defined service. The Paragon Roadshow reserve the right to cancel Contracts without prejudice to full payment if full and final payment is not received within 7 days of commencement of the event.

  3. The hirer may cancel the contract within any time of its issue in writing to the Paragon Roadshow. For all cancellations there will be a 15% admin fee charge rising to a 100% cancellation fee should the contract be cancelled at any time within four weeks of the date of the event for which services have been booked.

  1. In the event that the Paragon Roadshow is unable to fulfil their obligation due to circumstances beyond their control, the Paragon Roadshow will supply a replacement event provider of comparable industry standing and the Paragon Roadshow shall be released from all liability. 

  2. Should the hirer turn down the replacement event provider then the contract is void and the Paragon Roadshow will refund in Full any payment taken towards the event.

  3. If a deposit has been paid to secure an external service provider on your behalf then the Paragon Roadshow will refund the fee once received back from the external service provider minus 15% agency fee and fees incurred by the external service provider.

  4. In circumstances where an Event is more than one separate attendance on a Date and one of the Dates is cancelled for the reasons set out in clauses 8-9 inclusive or for any reason other than the fault of the Paragon Roadshow or any external Service providers booked through Paragon Roadshow, the whole Event may be cancelled at the external event providers and the Paragon Roadshows discretion and all sums due under this Contract shall be payable by the hirer.

  5. The hirer agrees that it is their responsibility to ensure all taxes either local or national relating to the Event Providers performance are paid according to the law of the jurisdiction under which the Event is scheduled. Under no circumstances is there to be a deduction from the Paragon Roadshows fee in relation to this issue.

  6. All costs incurred by or on behalf of the Paragon Roadshow including but not limited to flights, hotels and drivers required by the Paragon Roadshow are non refundable under any circumstances. Should such costs be agreed as recoup-able the Hirer is liable to pay such costs in full or their part of the agreed amount on or before 7 days prior to the event commencement date.

  7. All late or overdue payments will be referred to our debt collecting agent and will be subject to a surcharge of 20% + vat of the debt to cover the collection costs incurred.  This surcharge together with all other charges and legal fees incurred will be the responsibility of the hirer and will be legally enforceable.

  8. Force Majeure: The Paragon Roadshow and Artistes and event providers engaged by the Paragon Roadshow for the fulfilment of your event will not be held responsible for non attendance as a result of civil strikes, Acts of God or factors beyond the Paragon Roadshows control.  In the case of illness a doctors certificate will be produced and the Hirer will take no action against the Paragon Roadshow.  In this circumstance the deposit (less Admin fee) will be refunded to the Hirer

  9. The Paragon Roadshow is only responsible for the placement of the contracted event services by a suitable event provider or artiste and excludes all liability for the performance of the same event provider and artiste during the engagement or breaches of the contract by the Artiste or event provider. Changes and additions to the Contract must be in writing and will be referred to as Riders.  Should any part of this Contract become void or challenged the remainder remains unaffected.

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