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Dance Floors

I think it’s safe to say that the soul of the event is the music and entertainment, therefore the heart of the event can only naturally be the dancefloor. We love to think outside of the box with our dancefloors and not only deliver high shine, but quality. We use the best quality HIP sheets to deliver seamless and glistening dancefloors that you’ll probably want to take home with you! We love to create new shapes, designs and prints and we aim to match your dancefloor with the size of your venue, so everyone has the space to party and enjoy their celebrations.

High Gloss Floors

High gloss floors are so effortless elegant. With heavy duty plastic panelled underlay and perfectly fitted edging, we lay our dancefloor sheets with such precision; you’ll be left wondering how we did it! With a standard option of either white gloss or black gloss, we have other colours available upon your request!

High Shine Mirror Floors

Now this is what we call grand. These spectacularly shiny mirrored floors are the perfect addition to any show, the way the light reflects off these floors makes the room look so effortlessly stunning, and with the standard colours of silver, gold and rose gold, how could you say no! This is the easiest way to turn your event up a notch and give it a wonderful WOW factor that will leave your guests speechless.

Bespoke Painted Floors

We absolutely love it when a client comes with an idea that they want us to execute and a printed floors is the perfect way to show of a client’s personality. We can take any design you would like and turn it into the printed dance floor of your dreams! All you need is some inspiration and we’ll do the rest.

Dancefloor Decal

This really is the final touch that any event deserves. If you have a logo, personalised message or would like to print a personalised initialled design on the floor, our in house graphics designer can create beautifully intricate designs that can be applied to your floor. This really gives your event that personalised touch.

All of these floors can be customised to whatever shape and size you desire, just ask and we will provide.

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