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LED Walls

It seems like no event is complete without an LED wall and we know why. These spectacular customisable screens can display amazing static and moving images and graphics through our amazing high end UHD wall processor. These walls create crystal clear and high definition images, guaranteed to impress any crowd. LED walls range in size and shape and gives your event the flexibility to create and design your desired show.



We can create a multitude of sizes for your event depending on the venue. Ranging from a 4 meter by 2 merter wall to any size you can think of! We’ve got you covered with high quality finishes and those personalised graphic touches.


On top of that, if you would like to shake things up a bit, we can create a split screen effect and combine lights in the middle of the splits to give your event an unique edge. Or if you’d like to try something different, why not create two portrait screens on either side of your middle wall with images of your desire. You can even make it interactive by creating interactive moving images for use to display on the screens.



We love creating new and interesting shows and with the LED screens we can do just that. With panel allocation, we can mix customised CNC cut outs that combine both static fixtures with moving graphics in any place that you desire, even on bars! The choice is yours.

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