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Lighting Production

Lighting is a key element at any event. Lighting has the effortless ability to create your desired atmosphere and tone, and create and ambience that best compliments your theme and décor. Lighting is more than just flashing lights and swirling colours, and at Paragon we take a lot of pride in our ability to create bespoke lighting shows, giving every event the attention to detail that it deserves. Our highly trained and passionate Avolites certified technicians ensure spectacular results with perfect synchronicity, whilst also ensuring that all health and safety procedures are carried out to the highest standard.


Ceiling Rigged Lighting

This consists of 2x Truss Lines (10m minimum) placed on either side of the dancefloor or wherever the Truss are required, with over 22 lighting fixtures on each side. This is then hoisted up to the ceiling and fixed there for the duration of your event. This structure is the best way to create the a desired atmosphere all around the room and gives all of your guests the feeling of being completely immersed in the moment.

Ground Rigged Lighting

This is perfect for venues that do not have rigging points in their ceiling. This consists of four Truss pillars (usually placed in the corners of the room) with 2-4 fixtures per Truss, dressed and discrete. With the capacity of 22 fixtures, this can also provide and exciting and immersive experience that fills the room and creates the perfect atmosphere and mood.

Wall Lighting

This is great for combining both wall and light shows together to give you that full on intense experience. This really gives that rock star appeal and is a wonderful visual spectacle. If this doesn’t amplify your event atmosphere, then we don’t know what will!

Mood Lighting

It’s amazing what a wash of colour can do for a venue, it changes the whole room! No event is complete with Up-Lighting and we have two types. Wireless Up-Lighting is perfect for covering the walls of the venue with a colour that matches thetheme or colour scheme of your event. The colours are interchangeable and can be alternated to whatever you desire, or you could create a synchronised experience that flashes and changes colour to the beat of the music. Projection Mapping is like magic! Turn your dancefloor into an ocean, enchanted forest or a pattern of your desire with projection mapping creating an impressive lighting experience like no other. Or simply project your personalised Decal on the walls and personalise any event. The possibilities are endless!

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